Feb 06

Mammoths are not extinct

What is a MAMMOTH? Million Angry Mothers against Molds and Other Toxic Hazards

I think that many mothers are really fed-up with the fact that their (our) children and grandchildren are deliberately exposed to hazardous substances in indoor air in apartment buildins, day care centres, schools, universities and hospitals. We all can do something to stop this structural illegal violence. If you agree with me, don’t give up, raise your voice, do something! Contact our MP’s, local politicians, journalists. We can’t be ignored because we’re so many. Our children have the right to breathe freely, to be safe in every building, they have the right to allergen and toxin free indoor air.

If you agree with this you can at least wear a grey ribbon to support this. You can do more but it is up to you which way and means you choose.

P.S. Fathers are also welcome to join the MAMMOTH movement!

Picture: WikiMedia

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